Internal Wall

It is common for buildings without proper insulation to lose roughly 35% of the heat through the walls. By having your internal walls insulated, you can reduce the amount of heat being lost and this in turn will help to save you money on your energy bills.

Internal Wall Insulation is a great option for older heritage buildings because it allows the property to be insulated without impacting on its external appearance.

External Wall

If your property was built before 1920, then its external walls are probably solid which means that there is no cavity between the layers. As a result, your property will be losing a significant amount of heat due to poor insulation.

External Wall insulation is incredibly effective at retaining warm in buildings. The system essentially works as an extra coating to the building that prevents the warmth from escaping.

Room in Roof

As house prices continue to rise, many homeowners are choosing to have loft conversions to utilise the unused space in their lofts. Having your loft properly insulated can be a huge difference to the room throughout the year.

When you have a room in a roof in an older property, it is quite likely that their minimal insulation. Invariably the room will require a lot heating during the winter and be incredibly hot in the summer. These issues can be easily solved by having your loft properly insulated, keeping the room at a normal temperature all year round.