Regular Vacuuming

Daily vacuuming is highly recommended even if the carpet does not appear dirty. General dirt can lead to discolouration of the carpet, plus abrasive ‘gritty’ particles can work their way deep into the pile of the carpet and  effect its resilient texture and appearance.  Despite the myth, new carpets can actually be vacuumed straight after laying. To ensure all contaminants are removed, run the cleaner steadily over the same area several times.

Rotary brushing action (usually upright cleaners) is very satisfactory for most types of carpet. Plain suction vacuuming (e.g. a cylinder cleaner or the smooth nozzle attachment on an upright cleaner) is useful to prevent fuzzing and pilling of the pile of very deep carpets such as shag pile and some saxonies.

Periodic cleaning by professionals

Occasionally your carpet may benefit from professional cleaning. It is advisable to only use members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association as they are experts in carpet care and work to a Code of Practice.  For a list of members in your area please call the NCCA on 0116 – 2719550. They will also provide advice on the general care of your floorcoverings based on their specialised training and expertise in all types of carpet.

General Notes
To prevent indentations, move the position of furniture and other heavy objects if possible to help reduce permanent damage.

Abrasion.  Occasionally move chairs so that the same areas of carpet are not being constantly affected by abrasion from rubber soled shoes and other heel types.

Stairs. If possible, try to lift and move stair carpets periodically to distribute wear more evenly on this heavily used area.

Fading. To prevent the fading of carpets by exposure to strong sunlight, the use of sun blinds, curtains or other protective screening is recommended.