Laminate flooring is available in a wide variety of styles with few limitations, because of the photographic technology used to produce the board’s pattern and colour. The flooring is actually composed of three layers – a surface layer, a core layer and a backing layer – which are fused together under extreme heat and pressure to form a hardwearing board.

The colour and pattern of the board result from a printed photograph included in the surface layer.  The most popular finishes are wood and stone effects, but these are by no means the only finishes available.

Laminates are extremely durable and great for homes with a high degree of foot traffic. Being exceedingly easy to maintain without costly chemicals or polishes, and by not fading even in direct sunlight, they are justifiably a popular choice. They can be used in most rooms of the house but are particularly suitable for areas of heavy use such as kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms. However, they can be equally effective in specialised areas of a home such as an office or workshop.

lam flooring 1

lam flooring